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Assassin's Creed

Mario Auditore (1434 - 2 January 1500) was an Italian condottiero and the ruler of Monteriggioni since 1454. He was also the Grand Master of the Assassin Order until his death in 1500. Mario trained his nephew Ezio Auditore in combat after he escaped Florence to live in seclusion, originally set to sail for Spain. There, he convinced his nephew to stay and continue to unravel the conspiracy his father tried to uncover, and help fight the Templars in the name of the Assassin Order.

Wind Slayer 2

Wind Slayer is a free 2D side-scrolling MMO that compares to other side scrolling MMORPGs such as MapleStory, or Ghost Online in many ways. As with many MMOs the game attempts to give players many ways to interact with one another (friend lists, team or solo player versus player fighting, trading, etc.). The game is not gory (as it does not depict blood) and it has a word filter to try and make it suitable for players of all ages.

Dark Eden

Darkeden is a hack-and-slash game and a Vampire themed online game. It is a free to play. You may choose to three races (Vampire, Slayer and Ouster)


Currently under construction


Currently under construction

DarkEden Food for Soul

Today MMORPG technology has reached its peak by having its most hi-end graphics.  From a hard core gamers view (that’s view) having a good quality of graphics isn’t a big deal to me.  I am actually into the games content or the game play/ story of it.  Most of the games today have the same game play or story. 
Have you heard about a vampire themed MMORPG? Unique isn’t it? And that what DarkEden is all about. 
Game play wise, Dark Eden is a truly unique. Combining features from old school cult classics, DE will remind you of the good old days of PC gaming, games such as Diablo and fallout 2 come to mind when you’re blasting your way through mutants and abominations. When the sub machine guns, vampires, creepy urban environment and puddles of blood all come together you get a great original F2P MMORPG that will keep you hooked for long time.


Darkeden is a hack-and-slash game, which requires the players to kill hordes of monsters in order to make their character progress. 
Darkeden is oriented toward player versus player. Except for few safe zones, players can be attacked without any restriction at any moment by other players.
Players may change the race of their character during their progression. If a human is bitten by a vampire, they will turn into a vampire unless they cure themselves in time. Vampire characters can choose to turn humans by talking to an NPC who will do the work for them.

Vampire – Masters of the night.  Vampires increase their stats by attacking.  They unlock new skills as they level up and have the ability to bite members of the other races and turn them into vampires if they do not find a cure in time.

Slayers – Holy warriors who hunt down Vampires during the day.  Slayers must work up their skills by fighting, but allocate their stat points each level.  Slayers can use melee weapon like swords, mace, and axes or ranged weapons such as rifles, sniper rifles, and pistols.

Ouster – A race composed entirely of females, Ousters tool refuge in their lush forested enclave, but has emerged to reclaim their land from both the Vampires and Slayers.  Ousters prefer melee combat and gain stat and skill points each level to distribute.  They are the easiest race for new player since their play style is similar to classes found in newer MMORPGs.They are the easiest race for new player since their play style is similar to classes found in newer MMORPGs.


PvP was actually decent since vampire whose winning could kill, and bite the Hunter. Also a hunter can use silver weapons, and hurt the vampire to limit their health. Of course both things were reversible. Just that when you played you had to be careful of hiding vampires, and large parties of hunters. Either thing can mean your instant death. 

Holy War

The main draw of this action-horror RPG is its unique PvP system. Almost the entire world, save for towns and small green patches called ‘safe zones’, has open PvP enabled, meaning players can attack one another any time.
There are no penalties for PKing, which means low level players must always be ready to flee at the sight of stronger characters. Additionally, each of the races has a preferred time of day when their abilities are magnified. During night hours (in-game) Vampires receive a buff, while daylight offers Slayers and Ousters a bonus. 
Another unique feature in the game is the ability to change races while playing. This is done either voluntarily or as a penalty. If a vampire (AI or human controlled) bites a Slayer, that player will turn into a vampire unless they are cured within 12 hours. . A Vampire can change his or her class by talking to an NPC in town. Ousters are the only race that cannot switch to another race.  . Darkeden is certainly unique, and the fact that so many old school games like Mu Online and Dragon Raja are still around prove that there is still a fan base for the genre.

Stepping into the New World of Asmaran!

Ignited Games, predecessor of the side-scrolling MMORPG WindSlayer 2, finally announced the Official release of Rosh Online: The return of the Karos. If you’re looking to play an exciting and addictive game, then this is the type of game for you. Rosh Online has a lot of new things to offer for all players. If you haven’t given this a bite yet then you should! You’re missing one of the best game!
New users automatically have a Limited Rosh Set and Beginners Set directly to their inventory.
One of the best system in Rosh Online that cannot be seen in other MMORPG is the Auto Mouse system. Which you can sleep or do some stuff and your character will level up! This can be used for about 3 hours a day.

Game Info

An Ultra-fast level Up System!

With Rosh, you can enjoy seeing your character grow in a system of
Ultra-fast level ups and quick job changes. An ode to heroes in a vast world!
The world is waiting for a new Rosh to rule over them.
Start your adventure and venture into dozens of different worlds.

Indulge in EID!

All  MMORPG dungeon systems are covered! Along with the standard dungeon system,
We offer a new type of excitement with EID(Extreme Instance Dungeon), where you can battle
Amongst other users in your group and hunt for monsters.

Less Work, More Rewards!

Players can grow faster through quests.
There are both standard and special quests that you can constantly benefit from.
A navigator will guide you to your destination.

Gears, Gears and More Powerful Gears!

Obtain gears from activities such as hunting, fishing or mining.
You can also obtain powerful and unique gears that can be combined with items to make you stronger.

Fun and Exciting!

Show how strong your guild is in the guild wars! The heroes will complete against one another
In the arena system and siege warfare!

This is what heroes are made from!

Don’t just tame your pet. Grow your pet however you want.
You pet will help you recover your HP and loot items.
There are many vehicles available to make your characters move faster and stronger.

Closed Beta 2 Starts!

Greetings Heleans,

We would like to take this time to thank our users for participating in the first Closed Beta of DarkEden. For the past few weeks, we have worked hard to resolve many bugs as well as adding more great features to the game. With that said, we are pleased to announce that the wait is finally over. The official date for Closed Beta 2 is set to begin November 30th at 6PM (PST)!

Closed Beta 2 features:
*The Mega Giveaway event!
*A brand new start to rebuild and conquer your vampire empire!
*No Wipe after Closed Beta 2!
*And much more!

If you are a Closed Beta 1 tester, you don’t need a new beta key to play DarkEden Closed Beta 2.But if you are keyless and want to participate in the Closed Beta 2 of DarkEden, simply follow the steps below!
How to obtain and activate a beta key!

STEP 1: Like DarkEden Facebook!
STEP 2: Send an email to Community@ignitedgames.com!
STEP 3: Our active DarkEden team will reply you a beta key!
STEP 4: Click here to activate your beta key!

We anticipate an even larger Helean population participating in the second phase of Closed Beta. We would like to give our thanks in advance to those joining us in our quest to take DarkEden to new heights. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy yourself in the blood-soaked lands of DarkEden.

The DarkEden Team

The Rosh: The Return of KAROS

I newly visited their official website (Ignited Games) and found out that the Rosh will be going on its CBT soon. I found out that the Rosh Online is an upgraded version of Karos. So it seems that it is much more interesting now than before. I played Karos before and it just made me quit because of having hard time of finishing the quest, well I hope that they made some changes about it (since its an upgraded version) hahaha.

Here is the announcement that they posted on their official Website:

Greetings Roshers!
Welcome to the official site for Rosh: The return of KAROS!
In here, you will be able to read current announcements, join the Rosh community, and much more.
Don’t miss a chance to be one of the first to play Rosh: The return of KAROS – more advanced and much upgraded version of KAROS online

Here’s how to sign up for closed beta!
-    Existing Ignited Games Users: Must log onto the website to be eligible for closed beta
-    New Users: Must register on the website to be eligible for closed beta
Applications are only available for a limited time. All chosen closed beta testers will receive an email with a beta key by end of November if selected to be part of this exclusive phase. Stay tuned with us here for more news on closed beta!
Thank you very much and we welcome you to the Rosh community!
The Rosh: The Return of KAROS  team
I’m really hoping that playing Rosh would be different with what I have experienced from Karos which is actually a little disappointing especially when the game offers a lot but they haven’t exploited it that much. But this is Ignited Games so I will be looking forward to try this game. I’ll be posting my game review once I get my hands on the game

Dark Eden Closed Beta Ends

Too bad that the Dark Eden Closed Beta Test Ended too soon, but I'm proud to be the one of the chosen players to play it on Closed Beta Test. I'm surprised how Ignited Games respond on the bug issues in-game and put action on it.

Greetings Heleans! 

We would like to express our sincere thanks for your participation in the DarkEden Closed Beta. Your feedback on everything from bug reports to game suggestions has been duly noted by the DarkEden team in our efforts to deliver a bloody good game. 

The Closed Beta testing period will end on November 14, 2011 at 6 pm Pacific Time. We will be taking down the servers and there will be a short cool down period. It will not be long though and we will keep you updated.

*Make sure to visit the official website & forums regularly. 
*Join the official Facebook page & invite your friends too!
*Be the first to know when DarkEden returns! 

Thank you for your continued support! 

The DarkEden Team

The DarkEden GMs are so active and very approachable ( if you know their name in-game ). I suggest that they should have a GM on their name for the players to recognize them or maybe re-size their characters a little. Well as of now, I have to wait and wishing them to release the DarkEden OBT soon.

Dark Eden CBT (How to Obtain and Redeem a Beta Key)

Good news! The closed beta launch of  DarkEden is set to begin November 7th at 6 pm PST.  You can start to download the game now with your beta key.  If you dont have a key, please read below to obtain one.
We've also sent out an email with a key to selected beta testers so please check your email to find out.  Hope to see you in game soon.

How to redeem beta key
STEP 1: Log onto your Ignited Games account
STEP 2: Activate your beta key on the redeem page (click here).
STEP 3: Game client download will be available after successfully activate your beta key!
If you are keyless and want to participate in the Closed Beta of DarkEden, simply follow the steps below!

How to obtain a beta key!

STEP 1: Like DarkEden Facebook!
STEP 2: Send an email to Community@ignitedgames.com
STEP 3: Our active DarkEden team will reply you a beta key!

Finally, dont forget to activate your closed beta key on the redeem page on the website.

Open Beta: Grand Opening Celebration!

Ignited Games would like to take a moment to extend our immense gratitude to all magnificent WindSlayer 2 players and fans.

They are very happy to see the excitement and dedication towards WindSlayer 2. While it has been a thrilling journey through Alpha and Closed Beta, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Today, Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 6:00 pm PDT, the day of the epic awakening of WindSlayer 2 Open Beta will be upon us!

Attention All Beta Testers!
Here’s how to obtain your exclusive Beta Champ title!

STEP 1: Log onto your closed beta account in the game!

  • The Beta Champ title is only available to the first character you create.
  • Be careful and make sure it’s the character name you want.
  • The Beta Champ title item is not tradable.
STEP 2: Upon logging in with your first character, you will receive a package in your mailbox!

  • Head over to Popola Village and open the mailbox.
STEP 3: Retrieve your Beta Champ title!

  • You can equip and remove it by right clicking on the item from equipment slot!

Join in celebrating this glorious day by partaking in exciting GM events that will run throughout the day, reunite with your friends from closed beta and participate in exclusive WindSlayer 2 Facebook events!

Follow this link to download the game

So come forth Slayers and step into the world of WindSlayer 2!